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Thank you for your overwhelming interest in this play - and audition.

All audition spots are filled.  

Please check back occasionally to see if a spot has opened up.

Dewdney Players is pleased to announce that we will be performing Michael Frayn’s “Noises Off” at the Evan Hazell Theatre, in Seton, in Calgary, from October 30 – November 9, 2024. 


We will be hosting auditions at Aldersyde Community Hall (102 Dennis Street – Aldersyde – Google ‘Pacific Avenue Tattoo – we are across the street!) on Thursday, July 18 (6:00-9:00 pm) and Saturday, July 20 (1:00-4:00 pm).


To reserve your audition time, please go to: and pick a time.

Please come prepared to perform a 1–2-minute comedic monologue. This can be from any show. The Director will likely give some direction in the room, so be ready!

Here are the parts:

Dotty/Mrs. Clackett - Older woman with an eye for the boys. Quirky and the producer of the show. She plays the lead of the show, a housekeeper named Mrs. Clackett. She is not the best calling blocking or lines … which means our actor needs to be VERY good at it!

Lloyd - middle aged/older director. Very no nonsense. Desperately trying to keep his flings with the young women in the show in check while also getting this show on stage.

Garry/ Roger - The big name young/middle aged man that is making waves . . . a bit of a hot head. He is the jealous type and also involved in a ton of physical comedy, including a stunt that involves falling down a flight of stairs.

Brooke/ Vicki - a beautiful young woman devoted to her craft as an actress . . . and not a lot else (appears in her 1950s underwear)

Poppy - The trusty young assistant manager. She is trying to keep the show together while dealing with her own personal problems. She at one point almost loses her shirt in an attempt to get her show ready to go on for Brooke, we will see her upper half in a bra only.

Frederick/ Philip – young/middle aged and all around good guy (appears in 1990s underwear). This actor is best played by an Arabic or non-white performer.

Belinda/ Flavia - The mom of the cast, she cares for everyone, young/middle aged (can do accents)

Tim - The exhausted Stage manager. (Appears in his underwear at one point.)

Selsdon/Burglar - The old man legend of the cast … but he is now a drunk. (huge physical change from characters, he also loses his pants . . . (a lot of underpants in this show!)

Auditions are held at Aldersyde Community Hall - 102 Dennis St, Aldersyde 

(Google 'Pacific Avenue Tattoo' - we are across the street)

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